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By: Gerald Jiménez

02/05/23, 1:15 PM, EST

Commissioner, Juan A. Thompson signs off on the MSL Competition Committee's proposal for some major changes in the SvS. Beginning in 2024, regular season games will be reduced from 10 to 8. Also, effective immediately as of Game 2, MSL will implement its new point ranking system. Players will now receive ranking points per game. The number of ranking points earned will be based on what round the player was eliminated, or if the player wins the entire game will be rewarded the maximum points.

For example, a player that loses in the Semi-Final may earn 75 points, whereas the player in that same game who wins the championship earns a maximum of 350 points. A player will continue to earn points if they continue to compete in upcoming games. Please note, if in the event a draft is necessary, players will still need to make the 16-player roster. 

Each game champion will continue to clinch a playoff berth, however, their seed will now be based on the number of points the player has accumulated by the end of the regular season. Lastly, the Wildcard round of the playoffs will be reactivated as of the 2023 season. In addition to the 10 seeded playoff slots, 2 wildcard slots will be activated. However, those two slots will be solely based on the two players with the most ranking points by the end of the regular season that hasn’t already clinched a playoff berth. 

Ranking points will only be attributed to playoff qualification. Ranking points will not be attributed to the SvS national ranking as only players that reach the playoffs will be ranked nationally.

“I’m very excited about these changes, and it makes the series more competitive. In addition, it’s more of an incentive for players to earn ranking points as they continue to compete.” - Juan A. Thompson, MSL Commissioner