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By: MSL Staff

9:15 PM, July 10th, 2023

NEWPORT NEWS, VA. - MSL, the governing body of Music-Performance sports, a new form of music competition where the actual sport is the performance of music, announced its first U.S. national team that will compete against NIGERIA in its inaugural US OPEN MIC on November 1st - 4th.

To qualify for the national team, independent recording artists had to compete in this year's Song vs Song (SvS), a pro sports league-styled open-genre song competition administered by MSL. As players, the independent artists' songs compete head-to-head in online games in hopes of clinching a MICOFFS position to compete for the league championship at the SUPER MIC. Players that reached the MICOFFS had to of reached the semi-final round to qualify for the U.S. team.

MSL's first U.S. national team includes B Menace, a rapper from Suffolk, Virginia, Octavia The Great, a neo-soul singer/rapper from Norfolk, VA., Cassaun, an R&B singer from Kansas City, MO., and Lundy Blaq, also a neo-soul singer/rapper from Norfolk, VA.

These four players have unfinished business as they will compete for the SvS world championship title at the inaugural SUPER MIC on July 29th - 30th. B Menace, this year's MICOFFS winner that'll go into the SUPER MIC as the #1 seed is the 2022 SvS 7-Cities champion, going for a 2nd championship belt.

Be sure to LISTEN and VOTE on July 29th and 30th at the SUPER MIC! 

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