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MUSIC-PERFORMANCE SPORTS (Music-Sports) is a revolutionary new program administered by MSL where the sport is the performance of music. Annually, MSL will host the Song vs Song Series (SvS) for independent artists, and the Beat vs Beat Series (BETA) for music producers. SvS/BvB are web-based leagues, which allow players to conveniently compete from anywhere in the world. 

Music and sports are arguably the two most popular and fan-engaging forms of entertainment. With the music industry being such an over-saturated market, it's much more difficult today more than ever for independent artists and music producers to gain the exposure necessary to attract a dedicated fanbase, especially, if they don't have a sizable marketing budget. 

MSL's vision is to become a beacon in career development for independent artists and music producers by not only providing them with a platform to build on their fans but also providing them with the education and resources necessary to have successful careers. 


  • Players can compete from anywhere because games are online only using the player's song. 

  • Players get International exposure to their music.

  • Organically increase streams, and potential new fans as players compete with their Spotify, Apple Music, BoomPlay, or AudioMack songs.

  • Potentially open the door for business opportunities with radio/club DJs, playlist curators, and major labels

  • Players earn compensation based on participation and competitiveness

  • Free quarterly webinar education (Music-Sports University)

  • 25% discount on MSL marketing/promotion services (Radio airplay, Spotify promotions, Consultation)

  • More perks to come soon



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